Neduvaasal Hydrocarbon Project, Modi Funny Speech Acting, Subramaniya Swamy, H.Raja. Manidhaneyam Makkal Katchi Press meet, Seeman talked about all current issues and delivered a terrrific speech. “India hey” – Seeman’s Funniest speech about Modi & Su.Swamy & all Current Issues For More Fun Videos : SUBSCRIBE CHANNEL : Original Source… Read More

UP BJP MLA Chetram के बेटे ने सरेआम Gundagardi की और Lady Police Officer की पिटाई की. Son of BJP MLA (named Chetram) from UP, openly did gundagardi and beaten up the woman police officer who stopped him for routine checking. ****************** Must Watch The Full Video. Please Do Like, Share and Comment. Don’t Forget… Read More

अनुपम खेर ने योगी को पार्टी से निकाल जेल में डालने कि की अपील। ज़रूर देखें video और share करें अनुपम खेर ने कहा, योगी को पार्टी से निकाल जेल में डालो, तो योगी ने दिया ये जवाब वायरल हुआ वीडियो The State Post: जब से योगी आदित्यनाथ को उत्तर प्रदेश का मुख्यमंत्री घोषित किया गया है,… Read More

On Prime Time, we ask whether we lack adequate mechanisms in place to identify and penalise those who try to use fraudulent methods of procuring educational certificates for employment as well as university admissions. According to the Bar Council of India, around 45% of lawyers in the country may be holding fake or no degrees… Read More