Hello, I Ravish Kumar, All India Petrol Pump Federation Chairman Ajay Bansal said that in the last one month across India, the sales of petrol have come down by 4 per cent and diesel sales have come down by 10 per cent. In Delhi, petrol sales have come down by 10 percent. Have people stopped purchasing due to rising prices of petrol diesel? Due to the enthusiasm of the bullet train, more tolerance of buying petrol more than 70 rupees has also increased. There is a problem in support of bullet trains and many arguments given in opposition. If we were really serious then we would discuss this before the shilanyas that we are spending more than three million crores on one track while the Kakodkar committee had said that one lakh crores is needed to cater to the entire structure of the existing railway tracks. Money could not come for this important work.

This bullet train, running in 2022, is an example of the friendship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. Due to the speed of 350 km / hour, Ahmedabad will reach Mumbai in 2.5 hours. In the media report, the range of estimated freight is being quoted from 3000 to 5000 rupees. In the first post, N. R. Mohanty has written that one hour’s fare in Japan is $ 100 or $ 4751. Travel from Ahmedabad to Mumbai for more than two hours will not cost less than 13,000. Mohanty has written that the per capita income in Japan is more than 32 lakhs 12 thousand. Japanese can afford an hourly rent of $ 100. At present, per capita income in India is only $ 1500- that is, 96,382 rupees. There is a difference in the sky. Can the Indian give up to $ 1300 ie 13000 rupees on one side of the journey. How many people will give You can not blame these questions in jokes. This picture of TV shows is showing dreams to ordinary people, but who will run in it, it is not being told to the common people. There is no doubt that the bullet train is a new event and a new dream which will be seen to show and watch. Nightmare like bullet train has not been decided overnight. For many years the survey was going on this route. Modi was not a railway minister, so it is not correct to say that due to the Gujarat elections, the bullet train is going to run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Many people ask on the question that they are getting so positive, why are they doing negatively? The correct thing is, but when the doctor takes a test report from you, he sees that there is a positive result. Positive means illness is found correct. Therefore, who will benefit from the bullet train? This question is not a negative question.

In the last part of the 90’s, the flyover had shown the dream of salvation and speed. The leaders made plenty of flyovers and the contractors constructed their own in the name of nation building. Except the exception, most flyovers have failed to free the city from jams. Today, even after more than 90 flyovers in Delhi, the same situation of jam is still there. Let the junk over the flyover. The condition is that the statement of Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has been printed that he has made a road map of Rs 50,000 crore to free Delhi from the jam. In Delhi, the cost of the three stages of the Metro is more than 70 thousand crores. Even after getting 200km of metro line, Delhi should get 50,000 crores of jam for release from jam. You can say that if this was not the situation of Delhi would be terrible, maybe it is okay, but even after these, the situation in Delhi is not terrible. In the morning you do the radio, the details of the Jam on every FM are going on. That is why we do not tell anyone the way to get away from the cycle we are trapped in, even then nobody wants to walk on it.

Transport between city and transport between two cities can not be compared. Bullet train is between two long distance cities. There is also a large network of bullet trains in China. But it is said that ordinary people in China prefer to walk in simple trains or walk in a bullet train is not just about the bus. The bullet train sucked the Chinese economy very well. In many wealthy countries of Europe, the idea of ​​bullet train has left. Germany also thought but left. There has been considerable discussion in the United States. When those people whose per capita income is more than India are not excited about the bullet train, why is India? France gave loans to the bullet train to Argentina in 2008. But there began to be a protest that there was no benefit from it. Argentina is now improving its network with the help of China and has left the idea of ​​the bullet train. This is benefiting the entire country’s network and the cost is also decreasing. But it is also true that the bullet train network in Japan is successful. Because of this, people from far away from Tokyo city come. Companies also pay rent for bullet trains.

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