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Like a superhero, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers have taken the country by storm. The Modi government has addressed many issues like price rise and cleanliness, thereby pushing the Congress to a corner. Here is an animated take on Narendra Modi’s achievements as the Prime Minister so far. ‘So Sorry’ is a concept… Read More

Lalu’s Show off strength: Huge crowd gathered at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan Criticising Rashtriya Janata Dal’s (RJD) ‘anti-Bharatiya Janata Party’ (BJP) rally, Janata Dal (JD(U)) spokesperson K.C. Tyagi on Sunday said the rally was organised to save the faces of people, who are involved in corruption. The “BJP Bhagao, Desh Bachao” (Banish BJP, Save country) rally… Read More

1985 से 1995 का गुजरात का कालखण्ड अगर कोई देखे तो उसे मालूम हो जायेगा कि एक राजनीतिक दल अपने कार्यकर्ताओं के माध्यम से राज्य के राजनीति में किस प्रकार परिवर्तन कर सकता है : श्री अमित शाह, मुम्बई, 27.08.2017 Subscribe – • Facebook – • Twitter – • Google Plus –… Read More

Using #Aadhaar with a coverage of 98% adults so far will stop tax evasion and fraud. There should be no clamour for its opposition : FM Shri Arun Jaitley during passage of Finance Bill, 2017, 29.03.2017 Subscribe – • Facebook – • Twitter – • Google Plus – • Instagram –… Read More

BJP Delhi MCD campaign song : Bhajapa Dil main, Bhajapa Dilli main Subscribe – • Facebook – • Twitter – • Google Plus – • Instagram – Original Source… Read More